Buying Process

The Buying Process


Step 1: Discussion

Please contact Michelle Mills, owner of F1Hybrids™, to start a discussion about if a Savannah Cat is the right breed of cat for you lifestyle. Phone calls are easier to get detailed information quickly. Five minute phone conversations are more informative and easier to interpreter than multiple emails.


Step 2: Contract

All savannah kittens are placed with a adoption contract, contracts will be signed prior to any payment.


Step 3: Payment

Deposits & full payment details are found within the adoption contract.


Step 4: Shipping & Pick up

Transportation methods are by car, airplane cabin carry on and airplane cargo. Preferable a buyer will pick a kitten up in person to ensure it is as desired. However thousands of animals are shipped around the USA each week.

Many buyers want to attempt personal pick up with a airplane carry on. However carry-ons in the cabin area of an airplane are not “quite” or “calming”. The kitten sees lots of people they do not know, noises, a baby crying and so on.

In airplane cargo you have less noises and people, the cargo area in most airports is calmer place. Most airports are part of pet programs that provide climate controlled environments. If you have decided on cargo shipping method then next you go over this check list of everything you need for within the Untied states;

  1. Health certificate
  2. Airline Approved Cat Carrier
  3. Food
  4. Airline Ticket