Savannah Cats

The Worlds Largest Pet Cat™

Savannah Cats are the worlds largest domestic cat replica of a exotic cat. The breed is  sought after around the world for exotic spotted cat looks but more importantly unique dog-like qualities. Leopards, Bobcats or Ocelots don't make good pets but the Savannah Cats uses a litter box, eats regular cat food and goes to regular veterinarian.

Savannah Cats can have unique traits like chirping, headbutts, like water and snake hisses but don't be fooled by all these traits they thrive off human attention. Buyers beware finding a Savannah Cat is difficult and finding a reputable breeder is hard. We offer a few quality litters each year of F2 Savannah Cats the most sought after generation. We hope you have time to view our website in details and learn about us and this amazing cat breed!

Please notice the type, definition of pattern and of course temperament of these past F2's.

Dear Michelle, I was very nervous being a first time cat-owner, but having Amira (Jeanette) around has been an absolute blessing. She’s very cuddly, she has the cutest chirps and meows, and she behaves better than most of my friends’ cats. It’s such a joy to have her around and she is just full of love, not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous. She is the best cat I can ask for and much more, and I am so grateful that I can have her! I couldn’t help but get a second cat from Michelle named Knightly (Tater Salad) who adores everyone.
— Yidan Zhu & Phillip Bracewell (NC) (Polymer Scientist)
Dear Michelle, I want to say that every single day Andy and I are absolutely in amazement how gorgeous and magnificent Serval (Mickey Mouse). We play with him constantly and are now finished with the final phase of toilet training. 100% Toilet trained! What a smart, sweet, loving, playful beautiful animal! Thank you for allowing us to adopt him!
— Andy & Erin Vitaljic (WA) (Fat-Cat Fish Company Owners)